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RCN Capital® Loan Programs

Loan Program Matrix 2016


Loan Programs

  • Rehab Cash Now®, RCN Capital's flagship loan program, specializes in short-term, real estate backed loans to assist in the acquisition and/or rehabilitation of non-owner occupied (NOO) residential properties.

  • RCN Capital's latest product offers financing for up to 80% of the purchase price + up to 100% of the renovation costs, not to exceed 65% of the after repair value, to ensure sufficient funding for any rehab project. Click here to download our product one-sheet.

  • RCN Capital® provides bridge financing for real estate investors who are looking to buy and hold properties for rental income.

  • RCN Capital® offers short-term financing for a wide range of small balance commercial property types. Longer-term amortizing products are available to creditworthy borrowers.

  • RCN Capital continues to expand its financing options for ticket brokers, reinforcing its position as the only lender working specifically for the secondary ticketing market and ticket brokers.

    RCN Capital currently offers five separate forms of financing for ticket brokers:

    Transaction Financing - This program is a potential option for all professional and college sports teams, along with venues. RCN pays the seller for the inventory and the broker receives a customized loan designed specifically to suit the broker’s business needs.

    Revolving Line of Credit - This is a line of credit that uses equity in real estate as the collateral. This program dispenses funds to the broker for inventory purchases of a variety of events.

    Unsecured Revolving Line of Credit - This is an unsecured line of credit available to brokers that meet certain metrics. The rate is subject to credit history.

    Receivables Financing - This product uses receivables to secure financing for brokers that are eligible. RCN determines how much it will loan by looking at the total amount of receivables over a period of time, how much it can secure and other standard underwriting categories.

    PSL Financing - RCN can provide financing for brokers using PSLs as collateral for new acquisitions and for unencumbered PSLs.

    Ticket brokers interested in considering any of these financing options can contact RCN Capital. RCN can help ticket brokers determine if one or more of these options is an appropriate fit for a broker’s business.

    Please click the following link for additional information on our programs:

    Please send comments and inquiries to:

    Dave Young, Ticket Financing Manager
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